Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

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Mr. Grant has represented his clients in the preparation of their customized estate plans through the preparation of revocable living trusts, insurance trusts, wills, powers of attorney and advance health care directives and more. He has aided his clients in the funding of their trusts and the transfer of title to assets to such trusts as necessary components of a successful estate plan. Further, in the area of estate and trust administration, he has had extensive experience acting as the attorney for trusts or for estates in probate or acting as a successor trustee of a client’s trust following their passing or as the executor of a probate estate. 

Areas We Cover

  • Preparation of Revocable Living Trusts

  • Preparation of Will including Wills with Trusts

  • Preparation of Irrevocable Insurance Trusts ENFORCEMENTS

  • Estate & Gift Tax Planning

  • Property Tax Planning – Parent-Child Exclusion

  • ​Funding Trusts with Transfers of Assets/Property to Trusts

  • ​Assignment Documents of Assets to Trusts

  • ​Advance Health Care Directives

  • ​Powers of Attorney

  • ​Gifting – Parent to Child and more

  • ​Successor Trustee Planning

  • ​Trust Administration following a death

Paul R. Grant, P.C. A Professional Corporation ATTORNEY


A Professional Corporation Attorney

The experienced professionals at Paul R. Grant, P.C. truly understand that Estate Planning matters present an array of challenges that can persist outside of the courtroom